International course on | Farming ,Natural home building and Self Sustainable Living |

                                         International course on

| Farming ,Natural home building and Self Sustainable Living |

 Revised on 22 August 2013 :-


All Glories To Srila Prabhupada

Dandavat pranam

Dear Senior,

We are Planning to organize an International certificate course in
Farming and Natural house building.

At the end of the Course :- You will be creating and Managing a 100%
Self-sustainable -Profitable Farm with a Vedic Vastu House

It will be 6 months Program with Theory and 2 years internship on real work experience with real projects and inclusive of Vaishnav - Vegan - Jain Food
& Stay & Travel around ~ the country


What we aim to Build ? Here is a small Glimpse

15 minutes of silence a Video Presentation

Jon Jondais talks on his experience being self sustainable (Inspiring Ted talk)

Krishna Valley a Glimpse of a Eco Village model of 500 acres (a Vedic Village in Hungary ,Budapest )

A True Vedic eco village model (what you will Actually Learn to Build)

Actual approach of the course


Topics Covered :-

Natueco Science

as you know soil of a 500 year old forest is the most fertile
naturally and you get maximum nutrients from the food produced from
that soil

with Natueco science you learn to make such a soil in 6 months and can
be made on a desert barren lands as well

( Deepak suchde Leading Faculty  )

Vedic Vastu

Method To design your house or land in way to get maximum energy from
cosmic manifestation
as per our research, patients who stayed in a vastu designed hospitals
recovered 3 times faster then others who were not ,

Permaculture Pdc and Advanced
Science of Designing landscape to make it self sustainable naturally
(We are also Trying to talk to the Faculty to Hand you a Teachers
Certificate after the course so that you can teach officially to

Bio Dynamics
Harvesting and seeding crops with us Science of  moon and lunar sign
to get maximum productivity

Organic Farming
Concept of Producing high value products from first year

overview of chemical farming and chemical pesticides
and Hydroponics  & aquaponics  (Just for
knowledge what exactly they do )

For growing food without soil

Essence of Zero Budget Farming
Subhash palekars method to make organic liquid compost

Homa farming
Science to increase production by creating smoke with cow dung cakes

Traditional Farming methods
age old methods used by farmers over Million of years

Natural house building with mud bricks ( Techniques with and without
use of cement )

We will Teach you how to make house with use of mud bricks (cseb) +
adobe + limestone as ingredient

Sewage & Sanitation Treatment System
How to Treat your waste from toilet or grey water from kitchen to be
able to use it for farming

Solar Power and How to create your own systems
You will learn to make your own solar systems for your house

Wind Mill Power generation systems
You will learn to make wind mill system for small houses

100 + Varieties of Companion Planting Formula's
When you plant plants /trees /crops/herbs in wrong combination you get
lowest production ,
here we teach you to plant them in best combination to have maximum production

Which Type of Soil is Good for which kind of crop/plant/tree etc
we have expert here to help you master this knowledge

Disaster Management:-How to do a fast recovery from famine/flood etc

Cow seva and co-existence

Journey of Self Discovery
a spiritual course to enlighten your journey at our farm house

How to Create Bio Fuel
You may learn to create biofuel for use in your car as a alternate for petrol

Ayurveda and many other alternative healing therapies which are local

and more ....*oi0Ki2G9iTNKamNN1ZiiJ8GQMb/323686_1361897474.3606.jpg

All the above Subjects will be taken by the best
Faculties/practitioner of the Following subject

It will be in English


Revision on the international course details (22 august 2013 revised) :-

as per thousands of queries we received from students of age group of 15 to 55 and as per their requests on the basis of time constraints and financial constraints and also as per the basis of our deep discussion with our management of faculties we have revised the whole model of this course ,in order to satisfy everyones need and to have a clean strategy.

We have split the whole course duration into stages and parts and student needs to have acceptance on merit basis to cross over every stage in the aspect of completing the whole course.

We will have options for students to take one or more course from all the 10 + courses.

we will be hosting the theory aspect of the course ,estimated to be not more then 150 days or 5 months in a place near international airport like mumbai (wada location which has many resorts and farms) or kolkatta (near maya pur again which has many resorts and farm)

Since the theory aspect of the course will be hosted in a Location which will be in Prime location and with basic Luxury

the basic fee per day of the course will go up !

We estimate not more then $5000 for the theory course inclusive of Food , stay and Travel and if you are excellent in your skills after the 6 months theory then you will be entitled to earn back your education investment as stipend or salary while being on a real project any where in the world for next years.

We do not want to claim any Refund of financial fee for any student who will be pursuing above courses.

once the student has completed all the 10 + courses with some practical experience in the nearby farm of the course location,

then he will be given 3 choices completely based on his merit and knowledge skills.


If student surpasses the interview of our management with excellent marks then he shall

get stipend over and above food + stay + travel expenses will be paid by us + he will work on a real project for 2 years in rajasthan or anyother location in the world


if student has medium skills then he will work on a real project for 2 years under guidance of the Grade A student in rajasthan or anyother location in the world but only his food + stay + travel expenses will be paid by us.


if student is very weak and very limited skills then either he will be asked to repeat the needed courses or he will still join a real project under guidance of the Grade A student in rajasthan or anyother location in the world but he will need to pay for his food and stay and travel expenses (it will not be free internship for him)

Once you complete the theory aspect of 150 + days and also 2 years real project work then you will be invited for Teachers training on all the subjects you finished theory and practical in 29 months.

once your Teachers Training is completed ! You will be officially allowed to Teach the same course and you could earn a living with the same and also if our management likes your skills we may call upon you with a appropriate financial offer to join our World wide projects as leader

if you have already done few courses earlier in your life from the list of our offerings then you dont need to repeat the same, you can just get us recommendation from your faculty and you can do the rest from our list to be eligible for the 2 years Real project experience and also for Teachers Training course which will follow after the 2 years experience.


Course will include actual farm work and real time experience in
creating a self sustainable eco village community

There will be a holiday/rest once or twice a week , depending on the work levels.

We are connected to 167 + Successful organic farms  all over the country practicing organic farming successfully

we will visit many of them to Experience farming in different climates and soil conditions

This course is designed in a way that anyone who is empowered with the
above knowledge , he will be able to create a self sustainable eco
village in any area of the world may it be a desert or freezing lands
of  Siberia

You will be allotted a big piece of land and with all the knowledge
you learn from above courses you will be needed to implement them on that
big piece of land ,

according to your knowledge you will get your
certification and if you fail in any topic , you can repeat and then
perform your project.

For us certification means , you should be able to teach others what
you learned from the course and this will be tested by giving you
students from locality and you could teach them a topic what you
learned from the course.

We Target that by the end of the course , all the students will be
able to teach to the locals in our village and also empower them with
real techniques of Organic farming and whole village may join us in
the flow of our Concepts.

Point is if you cannot teach a local then you cannot manage any farmer
who shall work for you in future in your farm so Knowing the art of
teaching Simple people is very important.

For those who do not understand local language they will be allotted
local university students whom they can teach in English language

on completion of the course , we need to see a profitable farm of
student which is able to sustain the needs of the student and also
gives enough financial profit from the sales of extra produce .

if you cannot make a profitable farm out of all the knowledge you gain
here in this course ,
Probably you have wasted your time :)

All Students who are able to create a Profitable - Self Sustainable
Farm out of the big piece of land allotted to them are the once who
will be eligible for work as paid team members for eco village projects by (you can see the video presentation of  the eco
village  on this website "Titled :- 15 minutes of silence")

Our Formula for Choosing Seeds is simple "First Grow what you eat ,
then Grow what you need "

We are making arrangements to Record every minute of the session with
the international Faculties and those recordings will be handed over
to you for your future use.

You may need 500 days to 1000 days to Master Entire Knowledge to be
able to Practice and teach anyone and everyone.

We have been able to impress some popular universities around ~ the
globe and possibly we are trying to get recognition as a university
degree for this course .

All courses may not happen in the same location , for some parts of
the courses , students will travel around ~ the country such travel cost
is included in the main fees.

Course shall begin a~round october Last week

We need to know if you are interested to join us for this course , We
have infinite Knowledge To Share with Limited Seats !

You are welcome if you want to come with your wife and children,We can
discuss the financials case to case basis.

There is no age constraint for attending the course, if you are having
any medical issues , you need to inform us so that we can keep all
medical arrangements for any emergencies.

You can choose to arrange your own accommodation outside our campus
and the fees will still remain same and we are not liable to refund
you the expenses incurred by you at your accommodation place.

This is a Unique Course, This is not happening anywhere in the world
and especially to get all the knowledge what we are going to share
with you , you will not pay less then $25000 or more by attending
various topics around ~ the globe

email us if you are interested to join us for the course !

Every student will be given a Hard drive of 3 to 4 tb size with all
our research information loaded with videos/pictures/articles/books ,
such cost of the hard drive is also included in the fees.

if you have any financial constraint we can try to work out another way for you.

Send us your complete  Profile /Biodata at
and call us on 98 67 64 64 64 and skype:-gajanandagarwal

You can share this email with anyone and everyone !

Your Servant

Gajanand agarwal*pniJkloVaG-Ev76lJ1d*6YQ4jcIbjppRi5gz1MeBChNJ*HcXHo4ka0-VD-bRix2Ny4UiiYye9ahifBhQ-X4FRokcNS5c/575465_4943909324732_1601626911_n.jpg


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Comment by mamillapalli satyanarayana on May 23, 2014 at 11:20am

I am  eagerly waiting to participate in the course. when it will be started?


Comment by Claude Yuen on February 4, 2014 at 6:03pm

It's great to hear about such courses! However,many would find that they dont have the finance necessary .... so , i suggest that the course be given free on Youtube!!!!and save the world from extinction!

Comment by Renuka Mann on August 6, 2013 at 8:38pm


It's very interesting to read the above, I am interested in learning the self sustainable way of farming. But will not be able to give one shot of 12 month.  Maybe it will take two year period for me to do the same, getting away from my farm and work will be difficult. Specially during the harvesting and sowing period.  So if there is a way I could learn the same at may be my own convince.  Please advice me on the two weeks and four weeks courses.

Comment by mamillapalli satyanarayana on August 4, 2013 at 7:54am

It is such a wonderful course that can be essential learning for every human being. If it were a part of curriculum in academics that would change the world order. we people of the world live with optimum satisfaction,love and happiness. 

Comment by Gajanand Agarwal on July 24, 2013 at 4:08pm

Respected Friends,
we are very honored to receive immense support from you,

we are flooded with inquiries from students ,supporters,volunteers and well wishers from all over the world for " International course on | Farming ,Natural home building and Self Sustainable Living |"  which is going take place soon in Rajasthan

For those who cannot come for the 500 days program ,we will be coming up with courses as small as 2 weeks to 4 weeks and 2 to 6 months .

we are completely open to any support you wish to give us and also for any discussion and suggestions for the upcoming project

Whether you join us or not , we need your blessings for making this project successful !

you can write us at or call us anytime on 98 67 64 64 64

we plan to do this course all over the world with your support !
we are trying to create self-sustainable eco villages based on our project 15 minutes of silence
here is the video link


Gajanand agarwal

Comment by Vasu Murti on July 23, 2013 at 9:20am

A return to organic (pesticide-free) farming means fewer insects are killed. Vegan author John Robbins advocates a return to organic farming in his 1987 Pulitzer Prize nominated, Diet for a New America, which documents environmental devastation as the collective karma for killing animals.

Wouldn't sustainable agriculture have to be vegan? I'm not saying we should be "keeping up with the (vegan) Catholics" but Srila Prabhupada taught us that abortion and war are the collective karma for killing animals.

During the Vietnam War, Srila Prabhupada scoffed at the peace activists and hippies. He did not say, "Yes, in the 11th Canto of the Srimad Bhagavatam, Lord Krishna tells Uddhava, 'this human form of life is dear to Me,' so let's first end the Vietnam War because human beings are being killed, and then we'll shut down the slaughterhouses..."

We can't stand up to "meat-eating pacifists," "meat-eating environmentalists," "meat-eating anti-hunger activists," or "meat-eating pro-lifers" if we ourselves are killing cows (by consuming commercial dairy products)!

My friend Tim Parks, a pro-life Christian said in 2005 that he thought the Dalai Lama was a hypocrite for saying the people of Tibet have a "special dispensation" which allows them to eat meat! (Kind of like the gurus in our movement claiming the factory farmed cows will be blessed if their milk is offered to Lord Krishna?)

As early as a 1982 issue of Back to Godhead, Hridayananda dasa Goswami was asking, "Is Something Wrong in the Right-to-Life Movement?" Haribol!

Comment by Gajanand Agarwal on July 22, 2013 at 1:38pm

Thanks Chaitanya Prabhuji

Comment by Chaitanya Swarup das on July 22, 2013 at 1:37pm

This is a true self-sustainable learning project !!

Comment by Gajanand Agarwal on July 21, 2013 at 7:52pm

correct email is


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